Monday, October 13, 2014

More Tips for Feeding Two Babies

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Now we are two years past the time of nursing, formula, bottles, and all that goes with it!  But I am still learning so many things about that important first year of feeding.  Here are a few things I've learned from other parents of multiples.  (This is a continuation of my first post on the subject: Feeding Two At A Time.)
  • One friend of mine said she would nurse one baby, while simultaneously bottle feeding the other baby, who was propped up on a boppy.  That must have taken some juggling skills!  But this way, you could take turns each feeding, and both babies would have the bonding of a nursing session, as well as learn to drink from a bottle if necessary.  
  • One product that seems to be popular is the Table for Two, used for bottle feeding.  I've never used it, though I can see how handy it would be for feeding, impromptu naps, propping babies up to read to them, even for spoon feeding solids when the time comes (but not so easy to clean for that purpose).  However, the drawback for me is that this doesn't allow the caregiver to have any back support while feeding the babies.  It seems as though you have to sit criss-cross in front of the babies and may end up hunching over them.  Please comment below if you have used this product!  

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  • Next is a product that I did not have, but wanted to try, was the Bebe Bottle Sling!  This link,, will take you to their website, which also sells cute gifts for multiples.  The sling can be attached to a car seat handle, thus can be used for feedings on the go.   

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  • A similar product is the Bottle Snuggler, found at, which props the bottle on top of the baby for feeding.  Lots of women of my grandmothers' generation seemed to suggest bottle propping, though I know it's been decried in more recent times.  But, when you have a bunch o' babies, you do what you gotta do...just use these products with your own judgement.  
  • Another option is the Twin Z Pillow.  I've never used it, and haven't personally seen friends use it, but according to the website,, you could use it for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, lounging, and tummy time!  I will say that, judging by pictures alone, this seems easier and more stable for the babies than the My Brest Friend double nursing pillow I had.  It also offers more back support, which is important after C-sections, when breast-feeding, etc.
  • A product that follow your multiples for an even longer period of time is an adjustable high chair or booster seat.  You can strap the babies in and recline the back, and move the seats around wherever you are in the house.  Later you can strap them to chairs when they start to eat solids, or even remove the tray and use as a booster seat when they're toddlers (if the seat will fit under your table, depends on the height of your chairs and table).  We had the ones below, the Fisher-Price Spacesavers.  However, they're no longer in stock at Walmart, so one option is to order online.                                                                                                                                                                                      
Happy feeding!


  1. Very helpful! I need to do that plus exercising.. I have a bad habit to push myself to the limit, and then I get sick and can't get out of the bed for several days, and it puts behind... And then I try to catch up with everything again...And I hate vitamins!! But I'm trying to start good habits again! Enjoyed this post!!

    xo JANE xo

  2. Hi Katie! We saw your blog! Thank you for mentioning the Twin Z Pillow! It is a great new option for moms. We would love to send you some more info and pictures of the Twin Z Pillow for your blog! We have a lot of twin mommy bloggers working with us at the Twin Z Pillow and always love to share our information with more twin mommy bloggers! Our email is Thank you, Michelle

    1. Thank you, Michelle; I will email you!