Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Entertaining Baby Twins

In the first few months, it seems more about sleeping (or trying to), eating, and diapers.  Just keep ‘em alive.  But as the months roll by in your twins’ lives, it can be a challenge to keep them entertained and busy all day.  Taking two babies out at once can be daunting and tiring, so more time is spent at home by default.  Here are some of the things we did with our babies:

Activities By Month:

1 – 2 Months:

o   Bouncy seats:  Watching people move around the room or look at the hanging toys (eventually interacting with the toys)
o    Back and tummy time in activity mat
o   Holding them to sing, talk, or read to them
o   Walks in the stroller outside (they usually fell asleep quickly though)
o   Swing

3 – 5 Months:

o   All of the above, plus:
o   Exersaucer
o   Jumperoo
o   Doorway jumpers/swings

6 – 8 Months:

o   Tummy Time on the floor with toys, especially ones that light up and play music, or that can be easily chewed.
o   Floor Time:  time playing with toys on the floor either on their tummies, or rolling around or on backs.
o   Playing with toys, magazines and junk mail in their high chairs while I made them food or cleaned up.
o   On occasion, when I really needed to get something done for a few minutes, or they were sick and lacked energy, I would let them watch Sesame Street, Baby Einstein, or similar programs/DVDs while in their high chairs.
o  Practice sitting up on the carpet or in a pack-n-play, using pillows or an adult for support.

9-12 Months:

o   -Ride-on toys indoors
o    Crawl, cruise, or walk around exploring
o   Use activity tables
o   Begin building attempts with blocks

What are some of the things you did with your babies at home?

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