Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things To Do With One-Year Olds

Things To Do With One-Year Olds

We went through a tricky phase with our twins leading up to the one-year mark and even afterwards, when they were awake for longer periods of the day, but not yet old enough for certain activities.  This is a list I made of EVERY single thing I could think of, or of things I found online, to do with older babies and young toddlers.  Some are outings and some are easy, fun things to do at home.  Get busy!

-       Cup of water, paintbrush, go outside on a warm day and “paint” the driveway, garage, deck, yard, etc.
-       Sandbox in the yard
-       Stroller walks/go to the park
-       Zoo
-       Children’s Museum
-       Play with water: swimsuits in the bathtub with toys, bathtub paints and bathtub crayons, sit on counter with feet in sink and play with water, cups, plastic toys, etc.  Water table outside.
-       Play Pen Time
-       Bedroom Play Time
-       High Chair Play Time/Table Time before meals: toys, plastic kitchen things, etc.
-       Sidewalk chalk
-       Walkers/toys you push as you walk/toy or cheap umbrella strollers or play shopping carts to push around the house and fill with things
-       ABC magnets on the fridge
-       Baby musical instruments
-       Play music and dance
-       Sesame Street
-       Blow bubbles outside for them
-       Board books
-       Sign language for babies DVDS
-       Add food coloring to white pudding and let them paint with it (and eat a little), when done add sprinkles and let it dry.
-       Baby/Toddler Story Time at the Library
-       Grocery store trips
-       Build a fort and play peek-a-boo in it
-       Fill a purse or bag with things and let children explore and dump out: old wallets, plastic grocery store cards, pictures, play set of keys, pretend or old cell phone, picture books, little toys. 
-       Make a house out of cardboard boxes, cut doors in a large moving box and tape pieces together with packing or duct tape
-       Play in a load of laundry (use a basket and a bunch of old clothes or clothes that you don’t mind being messed up/wrinkly)
-       Play cars and trucks
-       Blocks
-       Stacking cups
-       Visit a pet store
-       Non-toxic finger paints; tape paper to table or highchair tray.
-       Use washed-out juice containers or plastic cups and a ball to play bowling
-       Video chat on computer with family
-       Make shakers by filling plastic Easter eggs with rice, tape or hot glue it shut
-       Tupperware containers with dried lentils of different colors from grocery bulk section to play with on a blanket on the floor
-       Build towers, roads, and cities with empty food boxes.
-       Make paper bag puppets: have them color it and put on stickers
-       Begin simplified version of hide-and-seek
-       Hide stuffed animals around the house and have a “safari,” using a flashlight to find the animals.
-       Sock puppets, use markers
-       Visit wading pools/kid splash pads
-       Indoor playgrounds
-       Basketball with a bucket

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  1. Oh my goodness! Right now, our activities are mostly limited to: play on tummy, play on back, play while sitting propped up, play in jumper, go on a walk, take a bath. And by "play," I mean "put everything within reach into mouth." :)