Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Play in A Small Home: Under the Table

We are currently enjoying the blessings (and extra maintenance, chores and bills, believe me) of living in a house!  I was so excited when we moved, partly because it was our first home purchase, I would feel more "settled," but also because it meant we'd have a yard and more space for the boys.  But we have lived in apartments before, and a small townhouse, the downstairs of which consisted of a galley kitchen, big enough for one person to cook, and a living room.  So I know what it's like to have to make the best possible use of your space, especially after the arrival of a baby...or two babies.

Have you made a play area under the table?

One day I just threw a sheet over our table and voila!  A new fort!  A little "house"! Or whatever you want it to be, limited only by your and your children's imaginations.  I threw in some pillows, stuffed animals, and books.  Now the boys like to occasionally crawl under the table to "hide," or they play with their little cars there.  I keep an old sheet that I don't mind getting dirty in a drawer in the kitchen for whenever the fancy strikes.  This is something you can do no matter where you live!

Another related idea is to use the space under a bed or couch for a roll-out play surface.  For ideas on what's possible, check out my Pinterest board:  Play Under The Table.

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